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Sales Health Check

You might be wondering what a page about a sales health check is doing on this yoga website...well before I trained to be a yoga teacher I worked in sales. I decided that these skills could be put to good use by helping businesses, that are trying to do some good in the world, to thrive. I only work with businesses that meet certain criteria I call IWEPS. They have a good Intention, the World needs what they offer, they are Environmentally conscious, they treat their People well and they are Socially conscious. There is no test to pass but it is quite obvious if a business is genuine with their purpose.

Below is an outline of the sales health check that I offer. The cost is £2000. Please drop me an email to discuss any project:

What is included in the health check


40 question survey

The aim of this survey is to get an outline of your business as it is now. Ideally it is completed by the founder(s) and/or CEO(s), the sales lead, the marketing lead, the product/service development lead. These might all be the same people, depending on the size or maturity of your business!


Customer conversations

The thirds part of my process is to have some conversations with 3-4 chosen customers. This has the best impact if some are existing, some are former and some that never quite made it to becoming a customer. This can be discussed in more detail so we select the right people together.


Detailed report

Lastly, I will write all my findings, ideas and suggestions into a report for you. This will cover the following areas:

- identity, values and mission

- customer feedback

- competition

- sales pipeline suggestions

- metrics

- lead generation ideas

- tools and software

- feedback loops

- sales habits, meetings and incentives

- quick wins and longer projects


Team conversations

Next I will talk to each member of the team who completed the survey and have a broader chat, ask some questions and get to know them, their role and their view of the business in a little more detail. 


Competition research

I will do a little bit of recon work with any competition you identify. This will give a high level impression of them as a business and provide some insight into what they do well and what they don't. Identifying some opportunities for improvement and capitalisation.


Ongoing support

Following the completion of this health check. We can discuss any ongoing support needs you might have. Whether that be getting involved in selling directly, coaching a sales leader, sales team or advising the business in general. This is not included in the cost of the health check and costs can be discussed on request.

We had the pleasure of working with Sam to evaluate and improve our sales process, and his contributions were invaluable. Sam quickly gained a deep understanding of our organisation, its mission, and our target audience. He ideated innovative sales initiatives that significantly enhanced our outreach efforts. Sam meticulously collated and processed all leads, ensuring that each potential client received personal attention. His emotional intelligence, compassion, and empathy were evident in every interaction, and his communication and organisational skills were exceptional. Sam was a pleasure to work alongside, and we look forward to collaborating with him again in the near future.

Dan Blackledge - Managing Director - Resurface Surf Therapy

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