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Beginners Yoga

These classes run on 4 week cycles . Starting each cycle with an introduction to yoga and then building over the course of the cycle and then starting again. The beginning and end is at the full moon. You will move on from this class as it is the only way to keep it a true beginners class. But you will leave equipped with the knowledge and confidence to try other classes!


This beginner class is based on the Hatha principles of yoga. Hatha is one of the oldest forms of yOGa. "Ha" means Sun and "Tha" means moon. Is that relevant? You decide ;)

This class is suitable to any and all ability levels. If you are very new to movement then there will be modifications available and we will move at the pace of the slowest in the class. It is not a flow class so pauses and moments of rest and reflection are welcome and encouraged. If you want to come, lie down, listen and breathe then you are more than welcome to.

Week 1 will start with an exploration of the breath and some foundational movements as well as explaining some of the language and types of yoga available

Week 2 till the end of the month will build from class to class, adding new postures and revisiting ones you have already encountered.


It is impossible to keep a class at beginner level unless those attending it remain beginners. So after a few cycles of this class sequence you might feel ready to move on to another class with another teacher. The idea is that you will feel equipped to make an informed decision about which direction to take next. 



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If you'd like to ask me a question or speak to me about a one to one, Seeds to Trees kids yoga, Warriors for sports teams or Why so Serious? yoga at work then please fill in the form below. I try to manage my digital time to ensure optimal mental health - quite important for a yoga teacher! - so it could take a little while to get back to you. If you hate the forms below then you can email me directly to instead. They go to the same place :)

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