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One to one

We are all built differently. On an emotional level, a physical level and on a spiritual level. And that's a beautiful thing. But in my opinion, we all need stability, grounding, fun and movement. We might just need them in varying degrees.


My consultative approach and personal tailored programme aims to make yoga accessible for everyone. Whatever your starting point, we can do yoga together. 

I will work to the budget you have to ensure you can get some movement for your body, some stability for your mind and some fun for your soul.

How it works?

1. I send you a short survey to fill out

2. I design a yoga programme for you

3. We meet up - in person is best so we can work through the flow

and talk through anything you don't understand

4. I give you a physical copy of the flow for you to practice

The initial consultation is an investment of £20. I will send you the survey and arrange a chat to discuss options. Once we have established your budget and commitment level, I can outline a programme and further investments.

You might keep the same practice for your whole life or you might feel like you need to switch it up every so often. We can go through the process again whenever it feels right. 



Got a question?

If you'd like to ask me a question or speak to me about a one to one, Seeds to Trees kids yoga, Warriors for sports teams or Why so Serious? yoga at work then please fill in the form below. I try to manage my digital time to ensure optimal mental health - quite important for a yoga teacher! - so it could take a little while to get back to you. If you hate the forms below then you can email me directly to instead. They go to the same place :)

What is this enquiry all about?

Thanks for submitting!

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